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docs like code

Feb 14

Adapt the “docs like code” approach to supercharge your software product or project knowledge base

Heard of docs like code You probably have In the last year, it’s experienced a surge in popularity, not least in the documentarian community

By Catherine Heath
Make documentation a core part of your Minimum Viable Product

Feb 9

Make documentation a core part of your Minimum Viable Product

In the race to launch and beat your competitors to market, it’s easy to put ‘unnecessary’ tasks (like documentation) on the back-burner But

By Catherine Heath
Product Documentation Feature image

Feb 6

How to outsource your SaaS product documentation to freelancers

You’ve created a fantastic SaaS product It needs tweaking It needs adjusting But in essence, it’s there and it’s good So now what Marketing and

By Lisamarie Lamb
Product Documentation Marketing SaaS

Feb 2

The untapped power of product documentation for marketing your SaaS

Product marketing Product documentation One seems focused on business growth The other is often treated more like an annoying cost center Did you

By Catherine Heath
Agile SaaS Documentation Feature Image

Jan 30

Agile SaaS documentation: 5 key principles to supercharge your product docs

Is agile at odds with documentation Not at all But some say it is In the past, companies have followed an overly rigid plan for their docs This results

By Catherine Heath
SaaS Documentation

Jan 23

Create killer SaaS product documentation for your customers

Documentation is the most rock n’ roll part of a SaaS company, right Probably not Documentation for your SaaS product is crucial, though it may not

By Catherine Heath
Document360 Hackathon

Dec 19

Birth of Document360 – the inside story behind our 14 days Hackathon

Towards the end of last month, I published an article on LinkedIn — Ambitious plan to build a new product in 14 days explaining our plan to build a brand new

By Saravana Kumar