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Startup Pricing



  • 2 Team Accounts
  • 3 Documentation Versions
  • Backup & Restore (1 day)
  • Unlimited Articles
  • Unlimited Article Revisions
  • Unlimited Public Readers
  • Landing Page
  • Custom Domain
  • Coming Soon
  • Analytics (30 days)
Business Pricing



Everything in Startup
  • 5 Team Accounts
  • 5 Documentation Versions
  • Backup & Restore (30 days)
  • Custom Javascripts / CSS / Tags
  • Integration
  • Redirection
  • Private Documentation
  • Coming Soon
  • Analytics (90 days)
Enterprise Pricing



Everything in Business
  • 25 Team Accounts
  • Unlimited Documentation Versions
  • Backup & Restore (90 days)
  • Yearly PO & Invoicing available
  • White Label
  • Coming Soon
  • Analytics (180 days)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Team Account?

Team Account is a user account in your Document360 project. You can invite and associate the users with any one of the roles like Owner, Administrator, Editor and Draft Writer from the Manage Teams section under Settings.

How does the backup & restore work?

Document360 has built-in support for two types of backups – scheduled (automatic – every day at 00:00 UTC) backups and manual (user created) backups. If something goes wrong, like someone accidentally deleted few contents, an admin/owner can easily restore the content from stored backups.

What is white labeling?

White labeling refers to removing the ‘Powered by Document360’ logo from your public website.

What is Article revisions?

Article revisions allows the authors to fork a new revision at the individual article level. Ex: You have a live version of the document, but when new features are added you may want to enhance the article with new content and publish it. There are tools in Document360 to view changes between revisions.

What is Documentation Version?

Document360 allows you to create and maintain different versions of your entire project documentation. This is useful in few scenarios where you need few different versions of the documentation, example: one for the beta customers, one for the deprecated features, or you are working on next major version of your documentation and you don’t want to mess around with current live one.


If you have questions about Document360 or the sign up process, please email us at and we will be glad to answer all your questions.

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