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knowledge base software Overview
Simple and Clean Design

Simple & Clean

The focus is on your content, making sure readability
is great.

Access Anywhere and Anytime on the Go

Access Anywhere

Responsive knowledge base tool across all devices – desktop, tablet and mobile.

Interactive Search

Fast search

Fast intelligent search that automatically suggests answers as you type.

Get Instant User Feedback

User Feedback

Give your visitors an easy way to leave instant feedback on your knowledge base software.

Always With Your Branding

Your branding

Your brand is your identity. Customize the colors & logo to match your brand.


Live Documentation Sites BizTalk360, Document360, Stackify

A platform that scales with your growth

Designed to handle growing knowledge base documents with increasing teams, features, versions and customers

Document360 integrations

Google Analytics, Intercom,
Segment, Disqus, Olark

  • Google Analytics
  • Intercom
  • Segment
  • Disqus
  • Olark

Create, Organize, and Publish Help Articles

for editors and writers

Knowledge Base Software With Markdown Support
Internal Knowledge Base Software with Peer Review
Categorize Your Knowledge Base Software Articles
Restore your Knowledge Base Documents to any Previous Versions
Audit the Knowledge Base Content Before it is Published
Knowledge Base Software With Easy Backup and Restore
  • Markdown support

    A fast markdown editor to focus on your content with support for Callouts, Tables, Images, Videos, Code and General formatting.

  • Peer Review & Publish

    Achieve high documentation standards by creating different roles to your team members.

  • Category Manager

    Create categories and sub-categories to organize your articles nicely with support for drag & drop reorder.

  • Versioning and Rollback

    Rich versioning support with difference viewer. No more lost content. Rollback to previous versions if required.

  • Internal Commenting

    Collaborate with your colleagues by providing suggestions and feedback to the articles to make it better.

  • Backup and Restore

    Don’t worry about accidental deletion of content by your writers. The daily system backup allows you to restore content easily.

Documentation like Code

Iteratively work on your knowledge base documentation. Just like your source code.

  • Start with your Base Version 1.0Getting Started version 1.0
  • Approved or Final Version for DeploymentGetting Started version 3.0 – Final
  • Find the Version Which is RejectedGetting Started version 2.0 – Rejected

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The knowledge base software that scales with your Product

  • Free 14-day trial
  • No credit card
  • Easy setup