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Why Customer Service Skills are critical to your business success in 2019-Document360

Jun 17

Why Customer Service Skills are critical to your business success in 2019

It should come as no surprise that customer service plays a key role in almost everything you do Your customers are your revenue and what keeps your business

By Tom Hooker
The role of customer-service-in-digital-world

Jun 14

The Role of Customer Service in the Digital World

Welcome to the digital era A world where the majority of people, prospects, and customers spend their time in front of a screen As technology and culture have

By Tom Hooker
How Knowledge Management Reduces-Your-Service-Costs

Jun 14

How Knowledge Management Reduces Your Service Costs

Knowledge management is so important that 95% of CEOs consider it a critical part of their company In fact, enterprises like British Petroleum attribute as

By Tom Hooker

Jun 10

Why Knowledge Management is key to helping your customers help themselves

Knowledge management systems hold many benefits - for employees and customers alike Internally, they improve customer support and project efficiency

By Jade Emmons
How Knowledge Management Can Help You and Your Customers- DOCUMENT360

May 24

How Knowledge Management Can Help You and Your Customers

Effective knowledge management is becoming a priority for decision-makers in different industries 58% of companies are planning to reinvest in knowledge

By Tom Hooker
Why you need to document and organise your product insight

May 24

The power of Knowledge Management: Why you need to document and organise your product insight

We’re living in a knowledge economy That gives you a ready-made game plan for becoming a market leader You simply have to use all of your company knowledge

By Jade Emmons
knowledge-base-ideas- Document360

Apr 26

Where to Find Ideas for Knowledge Base Articles

Knowledge bases are a critical part of your customer support So you have to make sure they’re supporting your customers in the right way Part of this

By Jade Emmons
Document360 update Monthly

Apr 25

Mar 2019 Product Update

In like manner, the month of March was an exciting one for us, as we opened the door for integration and automation via exposing our APIs Features we released

By Vishnu Balachandran
Document-Collaboration-Tools-for-Growing-Teams- Document360

Apr 23

Best Document Collaboration Tools for Growing Teams

Companies around the world lose an average of $11,000 per employee each year due to poor communication and collaboration Effective cooperation can bring a huge

By Tom Hooker
Top-5-Customer-Feedback-Tools-Compared- Document360

Apr 12

Top 5 Customer Feedback Tools Compared

Customer feedback is as important to your business as the products you sell Without it, you’re operating blind when it comes to your marketing, sales,

By Jade Emmons