Apr 24

The Industries that value Technical Writers the Most

There are many industries that highly value technical writing, and in fact it’s a growing field. Almost every industry has a place for technical writing in...

By Document360 Team

Mar 13

Convincing your Developers to Write Technical Product Documentation

In a perfect world, everyone in the company would jump at the chance to write documentation. If you’re a technical writer, you probably think writing is fun...

By Document360 Team
Customer Support Best Practices for SaaS Companies

Nov 13

10 Customer Support Best Practices for SaaS Companies

The saying goes that "the customer always comes first" and it rings especially true for SAAS companies, which are heavily reliant on repeat business. Good...

By Jade Emmons

Jul 11

10 Most Popular Tools for Technical Writing

Having worked as a Technical Writer for about 10 years in my career, I’ve used a variety of documentation tools on a need basis. As a technical writer, the...

By Sriram Hariharan

Jun 19

Super Handy Publishing Checklist for SaaS User Documentation

Every technical writer has their own process for publishing outstanding content. But there are some timeless principles that might help you. In this article,...

By Catherine Heath

May 29

7 Benefits of Having a Good Knowledge Base

A customer’s interaction with your brand continues long after purchase. From the moment prospects stumble upon your website, and long after you sell your...

By Christina Comben

May 17

How to Write an Incredible Knowledge Base Article

The usability of your knowledge base depends on how you organize information and how clear your articles are. Putting things in the right place is the key to...

By Christina Comben

Apr 24

How to Understand What Your Customers are Searching for in Your Documentation

Your documentation is a valuable source of information for both your staff and your clients. Every tutorial, “how-to” article and guide that you curate...

By Christina Comben

Feb 28

7 Common Mistakes to Avoid Writing SaaS Product Documentation

Documentation is absolutely essential for attracting and retaining customers to your SaaS product – but a surprising number of companies aren't getting it...

By Catherine Heath

Feb 22

Today’s Customers Prefer Self-service Over the Human Touch

Providing your SaaS product customers with self-service support means that you’re enabling them to complete tasks and troubleshoot problems by...

By Catherine Heath