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“Mambu uses Document360 to scale their SaaS banking engine documentation”

Dustin Smith, Technical Writer

Mambu, Berlin, Germany

Industry: Banking and Lending

“…We are moving away from and Document360 world looks so beautiful compared to what we have now… .”
Pain Points
  • Previous tool retires in 2020
  • WYSIWYG HTML editor was difficult to use and led to inconsistencies
  • Lack of Governance and Audit information
  • Lack of role-based permissions
Favourite Features
  • Landing page
  • Markdown Editor
  • Analytics

About Mambu

The Berlin-based company works with more than 170 institutions in 55 countries worldwide, servicing a portfolio of more than $7B. Mambu enables any financial institution to deliver state-of-the-art banking through its Software-as-a-Service cloud solution. Agile, flexible and open, Mambu eliminates the complexities typically associated with core banking software. Mambu makes it simple and cost-effective to leave legacy banking systems behind and embrace cloud-native, composable banking.

Moving from to Document360

Mambu’s clients range from microfinance organizations to large retail banks and other financial service providers that are seeking to address the needs of customers whether it be by innovation or providing access. Having tried, they felt the inefficiencies in the tool eventually led to inconsistencies in their documentation. Especially as they enter a period of rapid growth and scaling, they needed a tool where the knowledge base was the sole focus and not something “tacked onto” a service desk solution.

“Previous documentation platform announced sunset in 2020”

Putting Customers First

Based on Mambu’s requirements, we migrated their documentation! We help customers to move their documentation and import from various platforms by exporting their knowledge base articles into a project in Document360 while preserving their categories and formatting. Our support team is second to none. All we needed from Mambu was their public documentation URL and we did the rest. Mambu users were able to log in to Document360 with their documentation as it was previously.

After several months of using Document360, here is what the Mambu team likes about Document360:

  • Ease of navigation, both in the portal and in the public-facing documentation
  • Landing page leading to all support resources
  • Git-like version control coupled with granular permissions has allowed them to implement a self-service model for documentation updates
  • Unlimited draft versions makes collaboration and feedback easy and all without leaving the platform
  • Prompt response to bug reports, service desk inquiries, and feature requests
  • Analytics features help to know what content is popular and what needs improvement

“Document360 has given us the customizability of a static site generator without the development, upkeep, or learning curve!“

Dustin Smith
Technical Writer

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