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“Document360’s ability to have document versions associated with software versions is a huge plus for any software project”

Victoria Risk, Director of Marketing, ISC

ISC, California

Industry: Open Source Software

“…We needed the articles to be in a format that we could easily work with going forward.”
Pain Points
  • Lack of Article level Versioning
  • Lack of Governance and Audit information
  • Difficult to maintain documentation
Favourite Features
  • Search functionality
  • Version Difference (Article Level)
  • Re-direction capability
  • User permissions

About ISC

ISC develops and distributes three open source Internet networking software packages: BIND 9, ISC DHCP, and Kea DHCP. BIND 9, ISC’s Domain Name System (DNS) software program, is widely used on the Internet by enterprises and service providers, offering a robust and stable platform on top of which organizations can build distributed computing systems. ISC have around 30 employees and consultants working across the globe to provide 7×24 coverage for critical functions.

Documentation Challenges
  • Lack of Article versioning for tracking revisions
  • Unable to associate software versions with articles
  • Difficult to maintain existing Knowledge Base
  • Cumbersome to manage the articles – create, edit, publish
  • Lack of Analytics to help us understand the documentation better
  • Easy customization of the portal

“Document360 engineers helped to import all the existing articles into the new portal that was easy to navigate and had an effortless transition. Re-directions of old articles , standardizing the article titles were done like a breeze…”

Why Document360?

The main crux of the issue was the fact that the previous documentation software was not being maintained or updated. The old interface was unattractive and difficult to read. Document360 with its easy to use interface and simple editing features really stood out for them.

Customers have now come to expect companies to attend to their needs of a self-service portal to answer their queries immediately. ISC feared that they would not be able to meet these expectations as the current solution was not easy to maintain or update.

The Search capability on Document360 has been their favourite feature as the old solution’s search capability was less than satisfactory.

ISC chose Document 360 primarily for the ability to update unpublished drafts of existing published articles(i.e edit an article while it continued to remain in the published state) and because the Document360 team were so responsive and great to work with.

  • Their customers were able to easily search through the knowledge base to retrieve answers to their questions
  • ISC recognized increased speed and visibility to the documentation portal

“ISC needed to migrate our existing knowledgebase from an old and poorly maintained platform. We serve a technical audience and needed to make sure that we could keep all the content in our 1000+ articles as we transitioned. We needed the articles to be in a format that we could easily work with going forward”

Suzanne Goldlust
Marketing Specialist

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