How to SEO Your Knowledge Base Articles

Dec 17

How to SEO Your Knowledge Base Articles

Search engines have become integral to our everyday lives. Google has even become a verb in the English language. Every business, therefore, needs to pay...

By Jade Emmons

Aug 16

New Chrome “Not Secure” Warning has Consequences for Your Knowledge Base

You may have noticed a change in the Google Chrome browser very recently. This change governs how you see the domains of the sites you’re visiting in the...

By Catherine Heath

Jun 27

What Value Does an Independent SaaS Knowledge Base Software Like Document360 Provide?

In one of our recent follow-up emails with a potential prospect, we received the following response.  "I think it's a good start for an online...

By Saravana Kumar

Jun 21

7 Ways to Optimize Your Knowledge Base Content to Get More Visitors

A knowledge base is crucial for your growth strategy. It helps you maintain interactive communication with your customers whenever they need help. There are...

By Christina Comben

Apr 24

How to Understand What Your Customers are Searching for in Your Documentation

Your documentation is a valuable source of information for both your staff and your clients. Every tutorial, “how-to” article and guide that you curate...

By Christina Comben

Mar 20

Super SEO Tactics to Optimize Your Knowledge Base for Search

1. The importance of knowledge base SEO Many companies have enthusiastically launched their customer support knowledge base – and neglected to optimize it...

By Catherine Heath