How Knowledge Management Can Help You and Your Customers- DOCUMENT360

May 24

How Knowledge Management Can Help You and Your Customers

Effective knowledge management is becoming a priority for decision-makers in different industries. 58% of companies are planning to reinvest in knowledge...

By Tom Hooker
Why you need to document and organise your product insight

May 24

The power of Knowledge Management: Why you need to document and organise your product insight

We’re living in a knowledge economy. That gives you a ready-made game plan for becoming a market leader. You simply have to use all of your company...

By Jade Emmons

May 29

7 Benefits of Having a Good Knowledge Base

A customer’s interaction with your brand continues long after purchase. From the moment prospects stumble upon your website, and long after you sell your...

By Christina Comben

May 17

How to Write an Incredible Knowledge Base Article

The usability of your knowledge base depends on how you organize information and how clear your articles are. Putting things in the right place is the key to...

By Christina Comben

Mar 15

How to Create a Good Internal Knowledge Base

We all know the importance of choosing the right knowledge base software when it comes to customer service. But what we often forget is that our employees are...

By Christina Comben

Feb 6

How to Outsource Your SaaS Product Documentation to Freelancers

You’ve created a fantastic SaaS product. It needs tweaking. It needs adjusting. But in essence, it’s there and it’s good. So now what Marketing and...

By Lisamarie Lamb

Feb 2

The Untapped Power of Product Documentation for Marketing Your SaaS

Product marketing. Product documentation. One seems focused on business growth. The other is often treated more like an annoying cost center. Did you know...

By Catherine Heath

Jan 30

Agile SaaS Documentation: 5 Key Principles to Supercharge Your Product Documentation

Is agile at odds with documentation Not at all. But some say it is. In the past, companies have followed an overly rigid plan for writing their...

By Catherine Heath

Jan 23

Create Killer SaaS Product Documentation for Your Customers

Documentation is the most rock n’ roll part of a SaaS company, right Probably not. Documentation for your SaaS product is crucial, though it may not have...

By Catherine Heath