Apr 10

Earn the Everlasting Trust of your Customers with a Self-Service Knowledge Base

Trust is that feeling you get when the takeaway service you’ve been ordering from for years delivers delicious, well-prepared dishes every time. Or, maybe...

By Pradeepa somasundaram
Document360 can help remote work and internal collaboration

Mar 23

How Document360 can help improve Remote Work and Internal Collaboration

The COVID19 PANDEMIC has taken us by unpleasant surprise, affecting our lifestyle and business conditions and the Workplace. For companies it is a war game,...

By Saravana Kumar

Mar 19

9 Customer Support Faux Pas That Enrage Customers (And What To Do About Them)

If you spend any time at all on Reddit, you can easily find many examples of customer support incidents that have enraged customers. They are willing to share...

By Document360 Team
the power of customer-support-to-build-loyalty

Feb 28

Transform Haters Into Advocates: The Power Of Customer Support To Build Loyalty

You may not think of customers complaining as a reason to celebrate. But today’s most successful brands like Buffer and Wistia understand the power of...

By Document360 Team

Feb 22

8 Reasons That Companies Fail To Adopt Self-Service Support (plus remedies)

You know the value of adopting a self-service support strategy, and yet companies are struggling to implement them successfully. 71% of customers now expect...

By Document360 Team
Customer Service Skills Influence Your Bottom Line- Document360

Jun 28

5 Ways Customer Service Skills Influence Your Bottom Line

Let’s get down to the facts, good customer service skills can make or break a business. In fact, they’re often the difference between long-term success and...

By Document360 Team
Why Customer Service Skills are critical to your business success in 2019-Document360

Jun 17

Why Customer Service Skills are critical to your business success in 2019

It should come as no surprise that customer service plays a key role in almost everything you do. Your customers are your revenue and what keeps your business...

By Tom Hooker
The role of customer-service-in-digital-world

Jun 14

The Role of Customer Service in the Digital World

Welcome to the digital era. A world where the majority of people, prospects, and customers spend their time in front of a screen. As technology and culture...

By Tom Hooker
How Knowledge Management Reduces-Your-Service-Costs

Jun 14

How Knowledge Management Reduces Your Service Costs

Knowledge management is so important that 95% of CEOs consider it a critical part of their company. In fact, enterprises like British Petroleum attribute as...

By Tom Hooker
Why you need to document and organise your product insight

May 24

The power of Knowledge Management: Why you need to document and organise your product insight

We’re living in a knowledge economy. That gives you a ready-made game plan for becoming a market leader. You simply have to use all of your company...

By Jade Emmons