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Sep 4

Building Multilingual Knowledge base using Document360

The rapid evolution of technology has made it easier for businesses to go global with very less effort. One of the critical aspects of looking for...

By Document360 Team

Apr 30

How these Top SaaS companies deliver market-leading customer support

The environment moves incredibly fast in the software world. Customer support always has to keep pace. Customers are using our apps online, which leads them to...

By Document360 Team

Apr 17

How a Self-Service Knowledge Base is the Key to Scaling your SaaS Startup

What’s the best of all problems for a startup to have We’d say it’s when there are too many customers. However, while a politician would be foolish to...

By Document360 Team

Apr 10

Earn the Everlasting Trust of your Customers with a Self-Service Knowledge Base

Trust is that feeling you get when the takeaway service you’ve been ordering from for years delivers delicious, well-prepared dishes every time. Or, maybe...

By Pradeepa somasundaram
the power of customer-support-to-build-loyalty

Feb 28

Transform Haters Into Advocates: The Power Of Customer Support To Build Loyalty

You may not think of customers complaining as a reason to celebrate. But today’s most successful brands like Buffer and Wistia understand the power of...

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