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How Caching works

Jan 11

How Caching works in Document360?

This article explains how caching works in Document360 applications, rendering fast responses for documentation websites Fast websites Nowadays, the speed is

By Sunny Sharma
Document360 product update

Jan 10

December 2018 Product Update: Analytics, Related Articles, Custom Footer templates, mailto link support in navigation, Toast message improvements.

We’re happy to release another set of features today which covers few of the most requested features by the customers Analytics Related

By Sunny Sharma
Top 10 SaaS conference to attend

Jan 2

Top 10 International SaaS Conferences You Should Attend in 2019 and Why

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a fast-growing, competitive industry projected to reach $186 billion by 2024 As the SaaS landscape continues to change and

By Sequoia Brown
5 Ways Your SaaS Customer Support- Team Can Save Time

Dec 28

5 Ways Your SaaS Customer Support Team Can Save Time

It’s common to find SaaS companies working tirelessly to deliver awesome customer service and increase efficiency at the same time Needless to say, running a

By Tom Hooker
ama session with aaron krall

Dec 26

Saravana Kumar, Founder & CEO Talks About the Inspiration Behind Document360

The Journey of Kovai Ltd from Zero to Multi-million dollar revenue and building profitable products: Saravana Kumar, Founder & CEO, talks about the

By Helen Sheeba
spotlight category manager

Dec 20

Document360’s Feature Spotlight – Category Manager

A knowledge base can be your customer's self-service guide through your product – helping them to find answers to solve problems on their own The main

By Rochelle Saldanha
10 Knowledge Base Software Best Practice Examples

Dec 19

10 Knowledge Base Software Best Practice Examples

A great knowledge base usually follows a set of best practices These will help you deliver useful content to your customers, and empower them to help

By Catherine Heath
what Is a Knowledge Base and Why Do I Need One

Dec 18

What Is a Knowledge Base and Why Do I Need One?

The definition of knowledge base has changed multiple times throughout the history of the internet At first, it was a term used to describe any complex data

By Noel Ceta
How to SEO Your Knowledge Base Articles

Dec 17

How to SEO Your Knowledge Base Articles

Search engines have become integral to our everyday lives Google has even become a verb in the English language Every business, therefore, needs to pay

By Jade Emmons
monthly 2018 product update

Dec 10

November 2018 Product Update: Caching, Author Page, Offline Payment and Footer Navigation

We’re happy to release another set of features today Most of the features in this November 2018 release taken directly from customer feedback Author

By Helen Sheeba