Document360 product update

December 2018 Product Update: Analytics, Related Articles, Custom Footer templates, mailto link support in navigation, Toast message improvements.

Written by Sunny Sharma
on January 10, 2019

We’re happy to release another set of features today which covers few of the most requested features by the customers.

  • Analytics
  • Related Articles
  • Custom Footer Templates
  • “mailto” link support in Header and Footer navigation
  • Toast message Improvements


Document360 Analytics Performance chart

Analytics help you to understand the customers engagement with your product documentation.

Intuitive heat-map shows where your customer base is from. The performance graphs will help you understand the number of reads, views, likes and dislikes your project version has accumulated over a period.

Tables, such as Leading Authors, Leading Articles, Leading Categories, and Leading Countries enables you to sort by fields and identify authors and articles having most likes and views.

Document360 Performance table

Search section provides insights on what is popular in your knowledgebase and what users are trying to search but not available. Searches that didn’t return any results help you understand what the customers are looking for? Also, help you understand what features are missing in your knowledge base.

Related Articles

This is one of the most requested features in this release and we’re happy to have this in our features list now. You can add “Related Articles” under the “article settings”. It will show up at the bottom of the article on your documentation.

Document360 related articles

Custom Footer Templates

Did you want to customize the footer of your knowledgebase as in your website?

No worries, we have added a section under Appearance > Footer Navigation in Portal for Custom Footer and provide a couple of templates in there. You’re free to start from scratch using the blank template or choose from ThemeA / ThemeB templates and modify as you wish.

Only if you do not want to customize the footer and want to keep everything in sync with the documentation theme, choose the Basic Footer where you can social media and other navigation links.

Document360 custom footer

The preview button enables you to see how it will look like on your documentation once saved.

Document360 Footer navigation

“mailto” link support in Header and Footer navigation

In this release, we enabled our users to add a “mailto” links as well in Header and Footer Navigation. It opens a “new email” page in the default email application on users’ PC.

Adding a “mailto” link in the navigation is like adding a hyperlink. Just prefix the email address with “mailto:” and that’s it.

“mailto” link is supported in “Custom Url” and “Call To Action” both types of navigation in the header and footer.

For example, the picture below depicts a CallToAction button with a mailto link.

Contact Us  (

Document360 mailto link

Once the user clicks on the Contact us option it will open the “new email” page in the default email application with to address – mentioned as in the “mailto” link.

Document360 mailto in website

Toast Message Improvements

In Document360 portal, we display toast messages for most of the successful/failed operations being performed. It was set to five seconds and a few of our customers found this annoying.

Now we have reduced the duration of toast messages to three seconds and have added a close-button (“x”) over it,  in case you want to get rid of the message immediately.

Hope you find this not annoying anymore.

Document360 toaster