Top-5-Customer-Feedback-Tools-Compared- Document360

Apr 12

Top 5 Customer Feedback Tools Compared

Customer feedback is as important to your business as the products you sell. Without it, you’re operating blind when it comes to your marketing, sales,...

By Jade Emmons
remote-customer-support-teams- tools

Mar 29

Top Tools for Managing Remote Customer Support Teams

According to some estimates, companies worldwide lose close to 1.8 trillion US dollars to low productivity each year. This can happen for a variety of reasons....

By Tom Hooker
14-essential-customer-service-skills- Document360

Mar 26

14 essential customer service skills that drive business growth

A truly great company puts its customers at the centre of its operations, and prioritises hiring and developing skilled customer service agents. Customer...

By Catherine Heath
5-Effective-Ways-To-Get-Your-Customer To Provide Feedback

Mar 22

5 Effective Ways To Get Your Customer To Provide Feedback

Every business has customers, so every business needs to collect feedback from those customers. Delving into your data and analytics will get you so far, but...

By Jade Emmons
Best-Affordable-SaaS-Customer Support Software

Feb 20

Best Affordable SaaS Customer Support Software

Creating a reliable customer support department is a critical step for all SaaS businesses. In most cases, SaaS companies charge their customers on a monthly...

By Tom Hooker
3-Crucial-Disadvantages-to-HelpNDoc Help Authoring Tool

Feb 18

3 Crucial Disadvantages to HelpNDoc Help Authoring Tool

HelpNDoc is an example of a Help Authoring Tool used by technical writers to create software documentation. It’s typically aimed at customers who are at...

By Catherine Heath
What-Is-SaaS Customer Support

Feb 16

What Is SaaS Customer Support?

Around 85% of executives believe that delivering a great experience gives companies an advantage over the competition. And, 82% of B2B buyers agree that...

By Tom Hooker
What-is-Customer-Churn-and-9-Proven Ways-to Reduce It

Feb 15

What is Customer Churn and 9 Proven Ways to Reduce It

Customer churn also referred to as customer attrition, is a business metric that directly represents the number of customers that stop being your customers...

By Noel Ceta
Measure SaaS customer Success

Feb 11

How to Measure SaaS Customer Success

The probability of converting existing customers is as high as 70%. On the contrary, the chances of reeling in a new client are as low as 5%. Both of these...

By Tom Hooker
Biggest Customer Service Challenges

Jan 25

What are the Biggest Customer Service Challenges Faced? Solutions from 9 Experts!

In today’s world, as the advancements in the technology, the accessibility of information, product quality, etc., are enormous. The 'Customer service'...

By Murali S