Why Customer Service Skills are critical to your business success in 2019-Document360

Jun 17

Why Customer Service Skills are critical to your business success in 2019

It should come as no surprise that customer service plays a key role in almost everything you do. Your customers are your revenue and what keeps your business...

By Tom Hooker
The role of customer-service-in-digital-world

Jun 14

The Role of Customer Service in the Digital World

Welcome to the digital era. A world where the majority of people, prospects, and customers spend their time in front of a screen. As technology and culture...

By Tom Hooker
How Knowledge Management Reduces-Your-Service-Costs

Jun 14

How Knowledge Management Reduces Your Service Costs

Knowledge management is so important that 95% of CEOs consider it a critical part of their company. In fact, enterprises like British Petroleum attribute as...

By Tom Hooker
How Knowledge Management Can Help You and Your Customers- DOCUMENT360

May 24

How Knowledge Management Can Help You and Your Customers

Effective knowledge management is becoming a priority for decision-makers in different industries. 58% of companies are planning to reinvest in knowledge...

By Tom Hooker
Document-Collaboration-Tools-for-Growing-Teams- Document360

Apr 23

Best Document Collaboration Tools for Growing Teams

Companies around the world lose an average of $11,000 per employee each year due to poor communication and collaboration. Effective cooperation can bring a...

By Tom Hooker
remote-customer-support-teams- tools

Mar 29

Top Tools for Managing Remote Customer Support Teams

According to some estimates, companies worldwide lose close to 1.8 trillion US dollars to low productivity each year. This can happen for a variety of reasons....

By Tom Hooker
Best-Affordable-SaaS-Customer Support Software

Feb 20

Best Affordable SaaS Customer Support Software

Creating a reliable customer support department is a critical step for all SaaS businesses. In most cases, SaaS companies charge their customers on a monthly...

By Tom Hooker
What-Is-SaaS Customer Support

Feb 16

What Is SaaS Customer Support?

Around 85% of executives believe that delivering a great experience gives companies an advantage over the competition. And, 82% of B2B buyers agree that...

By Tom Hooker
Measure SaaS customer Success

Feb 11

How to Measure SaaS Customer Success

The probability of converting existing customers is as high as 70%. On the contrary, the chances of reeling in a new client are as low as 5%. Both of these...

By Tom Hooker
5 Ways Your SaaS Customer Support- Team Can Save Time

Dec 28

5 Ways Your SaaS Customer Support Team Can Save Time

It’s common to find SaaS companies working tirelessly to deliver awesome customer service and increase efficiency at the same time. Needless to say, running...

By Tom Hooker