August 2020 product update

Sep 14

What’s new in Document360? – August 2020 Product Update

Here we are with our mid-year product update. We have added a couple of major features and enhanced the overall product UI/UX experience. We are keen on...

By Saravana Kumar
standard operating procedure

Aug 16

How did we scale our business using Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Standard Operating Procedures or SOP’s is a fancy way of saying document your day to day processes to make it repeatable. Inside your organization, you would...

By Saravana Kumar

Jun 19

Looking for alternate to Intercom (Articles) in 2020?

We often receive this question on our support "What is the difference between Intercom Articles vs Document360" especially from people who are already using...

By Saravana Kumar

Jun 8

Best Alternate to Help Scout (Docs)

We often receive this question on our support "What is the difference between Help Scout Docs vs Document360" especially from people who are already using Help...

By Saravana Kumar
Document360 - April 2020 Product Update

Apr 30

What’s new in Document360? – April 2020 Product Update

At the beginning of the month, we gave a full update on the Q1 of 2020. As a SaaS platform, we constantly ship features into the product, pretty much every...

By Saravana Kumar
Document360 Q1 - 2020 update

Apr 5

What’s new in Document360? – Q1 2020 product update

This is our first official product update blog in 2020.  We are continuously shipping new features into the product quietly, but we realized we didn't even...

By Saravana Kumar
Document360 can help remote work and internal collaboration

Mar 23

How Document360 can help improve Remote Work and Internal Collaboration

The COVID19 PANDEMIC has taken us by unpleasant surprise, affecting our lifestyle and business conditions and the Workplace. For companies it is a war game,...

By Saravana Kumar

Nov 13

From an idea to over 100 paying customers in less than 2 years

Back in October 2017, I was at Redmond, Washington at the Microsoft Campus running our annual conference INTGRATE 2017. During that time one of the parallel...

By Saravana Kumar

Oct 29

Product Hunt Launch - The D-Day preparation!

If you are reading this post, I’m assuming you are in the process of preparing for your Product Hunt launch and going through all the articles available on...

By Saravana Kumar

Sep 18

“Docs-like-code” or “Docs-as-code” – Is it worth the hassle?

I just got back from the 2019 WriteTheDocs conference in Prague, a premier event for professionals in the technical writing space and one which Document360...

By Saravana Kumar