Jul 11

The Secrets to Reducing Your SAAS Customer Support Costs

It’s no secret that to deliver good SAAS customer support, it costs money, at times, a lot of money. Now of course, it depends what you’re selling, the...

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Jul 10

Embracing the Data: The SAAS Customer Support Metrics You Need to Measure at Agent Level

When it comes to measuring your businesses’ SAAS customer support metrics, you need to take a data-driven approach. To identify how your team members are...

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Jul 9

How to Manage Your SAAS Customer Support Costs

When it comes to running a profitable SAAS business, or any business for that matter, it’s essential customer support costs are regularly monitored,...

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Jul 8

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Expertise with a Knowledge Management Solution

Cast your mind back to the 1950s, when most of the current baby boomers in our workforce were born. People used to expect to keep a job for life. During the...

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Jul 5

The Benefits of Adopting Knowledge Management Tools and Technologies in Your Business

We all know the old saying 'knowledge is power’ and every day we recognise the truth of it more and more, in both our working and personal lives. In recent...

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Jul 4

How Knowledge Management Will Evolve in 2019

Knowledge Management software is a broad category of business software that includes knowledge bases, wikis, help desk software, collaboration tools, chatbots,...

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Customer Service Skills Influence Your Bottom Line- Document360

Jun 28

5 Ways Customer Service Skills Influence Your Bottom Line

Let’s get down to the facts, good customer service skills can make or break a business. In fact, they’re often the difference between long-term success and...

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