Sep 18

The Expert’s Guide To Create A Self-Service Knowledge Base

knowledge base (noun) a compendium of self-service information that is available to draw on. Being in the software-as-a-service [SaaS] arena,...

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Document360 Drive feature

Sep 11

Manage knowledge base assets using the new Document360 Drive

Having a unified place to store all your files such as images, videos, docs, and more is quite handy when you think about it. And Document360 users have...

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Multilingual knowledge base-Document360

Sep 4

Building Multilingual Knowledge base using Document360

The rapid evolution of technology has made it easier for businesses to go global with very less effort. One of the critical aspects of looking for...

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Customer service software - Document360

Aug 28

10 Winning Customer Service Support Tools

Customer service is probably the most crucial thing to get right with a business – particularly when it’s in the business’s name. Software as a Service...

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document management software -document360

Aug 14

Do You Really Need Document Management Software?

Introduction Document management software is one of those things that you barely even think about until you have a desperate need for it. Think about it....

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Jul 27

Migrate Your Knowledge Base Articles Without Affecting Search Engine Rankings

Migrating any part of your website can be a nail-biting endeavor. Even more so when you migrate the central resource that your users rely upon for supporting...

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Document360 - Knowledge Management Software

Jul 21

Top 17 Knowledge Management Software 2020

Introduction Could you explain your job to someone else inside of twenty seconds How long do you think it would take to train them to the level you were when...

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Jul 10

Create & Manage Internal Knowledge Base for your Customer Support Agent

Introduction Your software is great – as long as people use it correctly. Unfortunately, users always end up doing something the developers didn’t...

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Online documentational tool - Document360

Jul 7

Create Stunning User Documentation Using Online Documentation Tool

A user manual is a great tool for any product. It answers simple questions about usage, helps guide new users for their first steps – and it’s obsolete as...

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Jun 30

Should You Host Your Own Knowledge Base?

Introduction So you’ve decided a knowledge base is right for your company. A knowledge base offers you unprecedented control over your user documentation...

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