Jun 30

Should You Host Your Own Knowledge Base?

Introduction So you’ve decided a knowledge base is right for your company. A knowledge base offers you unprecedented control over your user documentation...

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May 11

Why do SaaS companies rely on a customer knowledge base to get it right?

Introduction  Believe it or not, customer service is the core of how you make money in the software industry. More so than just having an excellent product,...

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Apr 30

How these Top SaaS companies deliver market-leading customer support

The environment moves incredibly fast in the software world. Customer support always has to keep pace. Customers are using our apps online, which leads them to...

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Apr 24

The Industries that value Technical Writers the Most

There are many industries that highly value technical writing, and in fact it’s a growing field. Almost every industry has a place for technical writing in...

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Should I Use Markdown Editor

Mar 27

What If You’d Switch To A Knowledge Base Instead of Wiki?

Introduction There it is, sitting at the bottom of your projects list, always getting pushed down to a lower and lower priority. The company wiki. An...

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Mar 19

9 Customer Support Faux Pas That Enrage Customers (And What To Do About Them)

If you spend any time at all on Reddit, you can easily find many examples of customer support incidents that have enraged customers. They are willing to share...

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Mar 13

Convincing your Developers to Write Technical Product Documentation

In a perfect world, everyone in the company would jump at the chance to write documentation. If you’re a technical writer, you probably think writing is fun...

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software documentation in a busy startup

Mar 6

Finding The time To Write Software Documentation In A Busy Startup

As a company that makes knowledge base software, we’re innately biased towards the value of good documentation. And yet many, many startups barely have any...

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the power of customer-support-to-build-loyalty

Feb 28

Transform Haters Into Advocates: The Power Of Customer Support To Build Loyalty

You may not think of customers complaining as a reason to celebrate. But today’s most successful brands like Buffer and Wistia understand the power of...

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Feb 22

8 Reasons That Companies Fail To Adopt Self-Service Support (plus remedies)

You know the value of adopting a self-service support strategy, and yet companies are struggling to implement them successfully. 71% of customers now expect...

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